I would like to thank all the players and their families for the confidence in our work during the 18th edition of the Campus Xavi held past July. More than 600 children have shared with us these weeks of passion for football.

Campus Xavi goes growing and in the next editions we will struggle to keep this illusion and dedication, with the target to continue improving year after year.
Thank you very much and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Xavi Hernández Creus







The Campus Xavi

Football learning

What is the Campus Xavi?

It’s a football campus for children to 6 until 15y.o., has a rigorous training plan, where children developed and improved their game both technical and tactical, and promotes the values of friendship and fair play.

The participants will get free an exclusive Adidas equipment, and when the Campus finish, they will receive a football report will made for their coaches with the advice of their coordinators. The football report values the different worn out aspects during the week.

All the participants have the housing and the full board included.

Football work

The football work of Campus Xavi is based on the Cognitive Model, its objective being to improve the ability to take decisions during the game.

Our education system during the Campus is the Guided Discovery, the player is a protagonist of his learning process. There were created real situations of game, minimized and adapted at the level of the players, and hereby they were adapting to the learning process and to the comprehension of the game.

The Campus Xavi prioritizes the learning of the basic concepts offensive and defensive, very related to Xavi's game, which different situations of game will allow to solve.


The main objectives of Xavi Campus are:

  • Develop and refine the technical and tactical game, praying collective and individual.
  • Understand the game of collective form.
  • Enjoy the competition considering it an educational way.
  • Collaborate in promoting the integrated education of the player values such as: friendship, fair play and good eating habits and hygiene.


In addition to the practice of football, Campus Xavi participants will enjoy a range of recreational and sports activities that will complete very intense days:

  • 3x3 Soccer
  • Aquatic party
  • Inflatable toy structures
  • Paintball Laser
  • Foam party
  • Games night


In the Campus Xavi, from the holistic perspective, we bear in mind all the methodological orientations involved in the process of learning of the football.

We use a methodology global and systemic, based on the joint development of the different capacities (techniques, tactical, physical and psychological) of the different systems of the players.


The Collell, near the Torn and St. Michael Campmajor in the Pla de l'Estany, Girona.

The facilities are concentrated in the same area avoiding the need to travel.

In a natural environment, has three natural grass fields, sports courts, soccer fields 3x3 and swimming pool.

Geographic coordinates: 42°150324’N - 2°658107’E


C/ Dels Remences, 64 Bis Nau 2
08304 Mataró (Barcelona)

During the completion of the Campus, parents and guardians may contact the phone 972 57 40 60 only in cases of dire need.